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High Quality Wholesale Titanium Optical Frame


High Quality Wholesale Titanium Optical Frame

The all-new Titanium Optical Frame.With a focus on being lightweight, hypoallergenic, and providing comfortable color tones, our products cater to the needs of individuals looking for fashionable eyewear that is also functional.Crafted with lightweight materials, ensuring a comfortable fit for extended wear.

Ideal for individuals with sensitive skin, is hypoallergenic and reducing the risk of irritation. And also with comfortable Color Tones.Can be used for decoration and matching with optical glasses.

    Titanium frames are more expensive than frames made of other materials

    Titanium is not a rare metal, the reserves after aluminum, iron, magnesium, ranking fourth, is copper, nickel, lead, zinc combined Earth reserves 16 times.
    It is reasonable to say that scarce resources will have a higher price, titanium reserves are so large, the price is expensive reasons:

    The extraction cost is too high. The extraction of titanium today is like the extraction of aluminum before the 19th century, the cost is quite high, the output is limited, so it is only used in some extremely important fields, such as aerospace, electronics industry, precision instrument manufacturing and so on.

    The production process of titanium metal frame is complex. Production of titanium metal frame The production of titanium metal frame requires special processing equipment, special welding technology and electroplating process, many processing procedures, high production costs.

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    Place of Origin

    Guangzhou, China

    Brand Name

    Custom Brand

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    Face Shape Match


    Product Name

    Unisex Titanium Glass


    4 Colors

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    OEM / ODM / Ready Stock



    Fashionable Accessories: Our eyewear serves as stylish accessories, complementing a wide range of outfits and personal styles.
    Prescription Eyewear: Available in various lens prescriptions, our eyewear is suitable for those needing corrective lenses.