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Tranparent Frame Eyewear Tr90 Optical Frame JM21899


Tranparent Frame Eyewear Tr90 Optical Frame JM21899

· [Lightweight and Flexible TR-90 Frames]

The frames are made from the most advanced technology in TR-90 plastic, which makes them extremely durable and lightweight. They are flexible and can bend to the contours of your face, or comfortable enough to lay on your side with a pillow. So clear and comfortable when you reading you will enjoy your reading time

    Product Features

    Style design

    Simple and classic design, suitable for various face shapes and styles, showing fashion and elegance.

    Comfortable to wear

    The nose pad design is ergonomic, fits the nose comfortably, and will not leave any marks when worn for a long time.

    High-quality material

    TR90 material has excellent elasticity and durability, can withstand the test of daily use, and is not easy to deform after long-term wearing.

    Lightweight and comfortable

    The glasses frame is light and fits the face, and the wearer can hardly feel the weight, providing long-term comfort.

    Classic style

    Our eyeglass frames are simple and classic in design, suitable for various occasions, showing taste and confidence.

    Fashion Design and Classic Shape

    Classic shape and fashion frame with a fun and colorful design for a fresh look, aslo you can wear it as a fashion Accessories

    parameter table

    Place of Origin

    Guangzhou, China



    Model Number


    Frame Material




    Face Shape Match


    Product Name

    TR90 Optical Frame


    10 Colors

    Product Knowledge Popularization

    Things you need to know about TR90 eyeglass frames: 
    TR90 is a polymer frame with memory, no chemical residue release, in line with the European requirements for food-grade materials, is currently the most popular international ultra-light glasses frame.
    The TR90 frame has the characteristics of super toughness, collision resistance and low friction coefficient, which can effectively prevent the damage caused to the eyes and face due to the breakage and friction of the frame during sports. Due to its specific molecular structure, good chemical resistance, it is not easy to deform in a high temperature environment, can withstand 350 degrees high temperature in a short time, and is not easy to melt and burn. And the TR90 spectacle frame surface lubrication, density 1.14-1.15, in salt water will float, about half of the weight of the plate frame, is 85% of the nylon material, can reduce the nose bridge, ear burden, suitable for teenagers.